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Erawan Museum, Bangkok

Erawan Museum, Bangkok

Erawan Museum - an architectural treasure without hundreds of tourists. The museum is not yet in TOP 10 of or TOP 20 most visited places in Bangkok (perhaps thanks to its position) and therefore was the visit of the museum a pleasant surprise.

Erawan Museum is located at 43 meters high statue of the three-headed elephant with a pink pedestal. Two floors of the museum are located in the base of a third floor in the elephant abdomen.

Museum consists of three separate floors symbolizing the universe and are designed in accordance with Hindu - Thai Buddhist concept Tribhumi.

Basement represents the underworld and contains rare artifacts ceramics and furniture, with information about the history of the museum building.

The next level is the human world - an unbelievable interior decoration reflects a harmonious combination of Eastern and Western art.

Stained glass ceiling is absolutely unique, showing a world map and zodiac signs. On the mezzanine is located Avalokiteshavara shrine which can be reached by decorated staircase. Part of the interior are the four pillars on which are represented religious stories. These pillars symbolize the four Buddhist principles of virtue.

Narrow twisted staircase passing through the right rear leg of an elephant leads into elephant abdomen. This space at the top of the museum indicates two heavens. There are two images of Buddha and Buddha statues.

Journey to the museum: Zou can go with BTS train to the final station named BTS Bearing Station. You can get to the parking under the highway for about 60 THB, where operates a free small electronics shuttle bus directly to the museum.