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First touch of Thailand

My first visit of Thailand. I was in Bangkok, Ayutthaya and Krabi.

This trip lasted 10 days. I spent 6 days in Bangkok with one day trip to Ayutthaya and other 4 days in Krabi. That was a short trip, but it was the right time for me.

 In this trip I focused on taking pictures in Temples and Wats and I took there only a few photos on streets.

Trip information - distances
I travelled 160 km by van from Bangkok to Ayutthaya and 1170 km by plane from Bangkok to Krabi and each time back to Bangkok in the same route. Distance of one way flight from Vienna to Bangkok is about 8500 km. So altogether I travelled  1330 km (18330 km including the flight from Vienna to Bangkok).

I spent there lot of time and I saw a lot of "wats" and sights in general. Bangkok is a gorgeous city and I have never seen something like that. Traffic jams, noise, smell, heat and humidity. For the first time I saw  Buddha temples. They are amazing buildings and I loved taking pictures there. I was very surprised by Thai people. They were very friendly and Bangkok is really  a city of thousands smiles.

Bangkok Wats
"Wat" is the Thai name for monastery temple. I was in Rattanakosin twice and each time I spent there many hours. I was also three times in Wat Pho - I really liked this places in Bangkok. Wat Saket is lovely, especially about one hour before sunset. I liked lot of big bells in Wat Saket. In the old times was Wat Saket the highest point in Bangkok. Wats in general were built in totally different architecture style from what I had seen before ...

Thai Box (Muay Thai) in Bangkok
In Bangkok there are two big stadiums: Ratchadamnoen Stadium and Lumpinee Stadium. They are two main stadiums for Muay Thai in Bangkok. One evening I visited Ratchadamnoen Stadium to see Muay Thai matches. I like Muay Thai and I'm planning to see Thai boxing matches also in Europe. Thai box is a national sport in Thailand and Thai fighters have absolutely diferent point of view to this kind of matches. For me this match was less aggressive than matches in Europe. Thai people love betting, and it was not unusual to see women with children in the audience chatting all evening. I guess Muay Thai is something like football or ice-hockey in Europe - it's a sport event to socialize with your friends or partners ...

I spent in Ayutthaya only one day. It's a nice place but wats in Ayutthaya were destroyed and they were being renovated during my visit. However it's different angle of view on Thai history. I could imagine going back to Ayutthaya one day to make more pictures in sunset and sunrise.

Krabi is totally diferent from Bangkok. The prices are fixed. Thai people don't accept negotiations unlike sellers in Bangkok. I took a rest on the beach for a few days and then I went to Kho Phi Phi Don Island by speed boat. The sea was very rough after the night storm and it was funny to see so many sick people on the boat.