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LONDON Day - Night Timelapse

Here is my second Time Lapse movie. The photos were taken during 5 days in London at Easter 2013. It was a bit cold and windy that time.  The weather was changing five times per day - sunny / cloudy / chilly, windy etc. - typical weather in London.

Michal Bulka - Mouse

My friend composed a song for this short movie. The song is based on his own tune that was a few years old. The song was actually changed and rebuilt to the sound of symphonic orchestra.

Some facts about this short movie:
The photos were taken during 5 days in London at Easter 2013.
Totally 11496 photos were captured (31,1 GB).
7717 photos were used to make 75 sequences.
In the end 4 minutes and 32 seconds were used
Post-production took 4 days.

Total size of project is about 75GB.

The pictures were taken in the following places:
Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus, The Shard, London Tube, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, Tate Modern Museum, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, British Museum, National Gallery London, St Paul's Cathedral, Millennium Bridge, Regent street

I think that the quality of this movie is better than my first Time Lapse movie. The photos were adjusted in Adobe Lightroom 3.2. Timelapse sequences were built in Google Picasa 3.9 and finally cut in Adobe Premiere Elements 10.

- Canon EOS 60D
- Canon EF-S 10-22mm (quivalent focal length of 16-35mm in 35mm terms)
- Canon EF-S 17-85mm (quivalent focal length of 27-136mm in 35mm terms)
- Aputure Digital Timer Remote (for Canon)
- Vanguard Alta+ 204 AP Tripod with PH-12 Head (this is perfect tripod for travelers)
- HOYA CPL filter 77mm Pro1 Digital
- HOYA CPL filter 67mm Pro1 Digital