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You know - people need strong experiences time to time - If you need it, Fes is the answer ! I think that Fes is the most interesting city in Morocco which I visited. You can see there a piece of history. There is everything - historical Medina with thousands narrow streets including donkeys traffic jams and shits on the streets. You can find there some unusual things in meat shops like cutting animal legs and goat heads (similar things are selling in Central Europe but not on the street). If you are walking through old town to tanneries you can see the heaps of animal skins with fur and rotting meat. I'm totally fascinating by leather processing in Fes. There is 800 years old history of this industry and there are similar procedures based on natural basis like 800 years ago! Except this things you can meet amazing smiling people. If you are able to going well with them and respect their rules you can enjoy incredible athmosphere there. On the other hand outside Medina you can find similar life style like in Europe - royal palace, gardens, big streets with a lot of cars but I didn't want to visit this part of Fes city. I mostly focused to historical part of this city and tried to spend there most of time.